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Sayeeda Warsi: Speech to the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy, Vatican City

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Your Eminences. Excellencies. Reverend Fathers. Colleagues, Ladies and Gentlemen.

 It is an immense honour for me to stand here today…

 …in what is, for more than a billion people, the spiritual capital of the world.

 And it is a further privilege to lead the largest ever ministerial delegation from the United Kingdom to the Holy See.

 To celebrate the relationship between our two states:

 The oldest formal diplomatic relationship in my country’s history.

 …and today, one of the strongest. 

 Our diplomatic relationship began here in 1479, only a short distance from where we now stand. 

 For reasons we all know too well, we broke diplomatic relations…

 …only to restore them during the First World War.

 This year marks 30 years since full diplomatic relations were re-established between us.

 We want to build upon our bond, to show it to the rest of the world, and to let it inspire others.

 Because our relationship enables us to act together in the name of the common good:

 To promote democracy.

 To fight for human rights.

 To encourage fair, responsible trade.

 To tackle climate change.

 And to help build stable nations. 

 We are grateful for the superb work our Ambassador Nigel Baker is doing here…

 …building on the tremendous tenure of his predecessor Francis Campbell.

 The UK recognises that, as the smallest state in the world, the Holy See has the widest global reach.

 It therefore seems inevitable that the UK with its global reach and historic and current interests should nurture, strengthen and promote our relationship.

 The areas upon which, by working together, we can achieve tangible, practical outcomes are both so vast and so important that they, in many ways, contextualise our differences.

 And I believe the strength of our relationship can give tremendous hope and inspiration to others across the world.  

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Sayeeda Warsi: Lecture to the European Institute for the Study of Contemporary Antisemitism

Thank you very much. I’m delighted to be here. Let me start by thanking James Arbuthnot and Denis Macshane for inviting me.

I know in the past Jim Murphy has given this lecture on behalf of the Labour Party. And two years ago, you had Nick Clegg representing the Lib Dems. So I take very seriously that you’ve invited me to speak for the Conservative Party.

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Sayeeda Warsi: AECR Conference Speech 2011

Ladies and gentlemen, it is a great privilege for me to welcome you to the first full Conference of the Alliance of European Conservatives and Reformists.

Here in this room are 120 representatives of Centre-Right parties from 26 countries.

We come from different places, we bring different perspectives, but we are united by our beliefs:

Free people, free markets, free nations.

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Sayeeda Warsi Conference Speech 2011

Sunday, 2nd October 2011

A year ago we met as one party with one purpose.To work together in the national interest.
Things were different.We had a coalition government.
We were in uncharted territory and we faced uncertain times.
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Sayeeda Warsi: OIC Speech

The Rt Hon Baroness Warsi, Thursday 30th June 2011

Speaking at the OIC Foreign Minister’s Conference as the first British Government Minister

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Sayeeda Warsi: AV will give extremist parties more credibility

The Rt Hon Baroness Warsi, Wednesday 29th March 2011

Speaking at Toynbee Hall on the impact of AV

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Sayeeda Warsi: Spring Conference 2011

Speaking in Cardiff at the Conservative Spring Forum, Sayeeda Warsi said;

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8 Members of Parliament. 13 Assembly Members. 171 Councillors.

Coming first in European elections. 380,000 votes in the General Election.

One of the biggest swings in a century.

Our best results in two decades.

This is the Conservative Party in Wales.

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Sayeeda Warsi: University of Leicester Sir Sigmund Sternberg lecture

Speaking at the University of Leicester Sayeeda Warsi said:

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Back in September I made a speech about faith at the Bishops Conference.

It was the first time that a Cabinet Minister had spoken so frankly about faith for many years.

I think it’s fair to say that the speech caused a bit of a stir in some quarters.

The New Humanist Magazine ran a poll of their readers which ranked me the fifth most dangerous enemy of reason last year.

I was about to think that actually, I hadn’t done too badly, when I discovered that the Koran-burning Pastor, Terry Jones, came one place below me!

But overall I believe the impact of the speech was really positive.

And the main thing I discovered by doing the speech was that there is a large, untapped appetite for a more mature discussion of faith in this country.

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Sayeeda Warsi: Party Conference Speech Birmingham 2010

Speaking to Conservative Party Conference 2010 Sayeeda Warsi said:

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Thirteen years. Four Party Leaders.

Three General Elections. And now two parties, one government.

And finally something we have wanted to say for years:

A Conservative Prime Minister in Downing Street

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Baroness Warsi speaks to the Bishops of the Church of England

I am having a divine week. First, I celebrated Eid-ul-Fitr. Last night I was at dinner with the Chief Rabbi, who has just marked the Jewish New Year. Today I am delighted to be here with you, the Bishops of the Church of England. And on Friday I will be meeting His Holiness the Pope.

So if anyone suggests that this government does not understand, does not appreciate, does not defend people of faith, dare I even say, does not “do God”, then I hope my schedule this week will go some way to banishing that myth.

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