Sayeeda Warsi Giving Speech


Baroness Warsi

A lawyer, a businesswoman, and a Cabinet Minister, Sayeeda Warsi has had many roles, but she is best known for being Britain’s first Muslim Cabinet Minister.

One of five girls born to immigrant’s parents of Pakistani origin in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, Sayeeda studied law at Leeds University, going on to work for the Crown Prosecution Service before setting up her own legal practice, George Warsi Solicitors.

Her father, a former mill worker and bus driver who set up his own business, instilled in her values of freedom, responsibility, and aspiration. Inspired, she got involved in the Conservative Party, and it was there that she became an advisor to the leader, Michael Howard, in 2004.

Sayeeda Warsi Giving Speech

TV Appearances

An effective and entertaining communicator, with over 30 years experience of campaigning underpinned by her solid legal background and analytical approach. Bold and passionate, she is not afraid to use her various platforms to speak out. Her down to earth manner and sassy sense of humor have seen her voted comedy queen by Channel 4’s Stand Up To Cancer and resulted in an expanding audience with her TV and radio clips being viewed by millions.

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  • Muslim’s Don’t Matter

    Embargoed until 6pm on Thursday 19th October 2023 Key Lecture by Baroness Sayeeda Warsi at The University of Leeds – Muslims Don’t Matter (Check against delivery) Thursday 19th October 2023 – Katie Hopkins – a cup of tea, and a...

The Enemy Within

‘Eloquent ... Calm and clever reflection’
- Andrew Marr

‘Uniquely insightful’
- Tim Shipman, Sunday Times

'Islamophobia is the Ku Klux Klan hatred of our time. This book is an antidote to the hypocrisy around Islam that has become such a poison in our public life. Warsi holds everyone - the state, the press, and our Muslim communities - to the same standards of integrity and self-reflection. It throws down a gauntlet for all of us: to read it, understand it, and argue with it, with as much good faith as the author's.'

- Clive Stafford Smith, Director of Reprieve and author of 'Bad Men' and 'Injustice'


From discrimination to diplomacy, equality to entrepreneurship, faith to finance, human rights to health and fitness, Sayeeda is a versatile, informed, and entertaining speaker.

Sayeeda is represented by London Speakers Bureau.

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