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BBC Radio 4 – Start of the Week

Listen to Baroness Warsi, Sir Paul Collier and Roger Scruton discuss belonging and identity

A Tale of Muslim Britain: Guardian Family

Where are my Grandkids going to call home?

Read Baroness Warsi’s interview with Homa Khaleeli

The Andrew Marr Show

Watch Baroness Warsi’s interview on The Andrew Marr Show

The tell tale signs on the journey to Terrorism

The Sunday Times Magazine

Tim Shipman interviews Baroness Sayeeda Warsi for The Sunday Times Magazine

Im Both Us and Them

The Enemy Within: A Tale of Muslim Britain

Release date 30 March 2017

The Enemy Within: A Tale of Muslim Britain

Conservative Home: Baroness Warsi – The way to build British values is to bring people together

The way to build British values it to bring people together

Read Baroness Warsi’s article written for Conservative Home on the new Government’s commitment to bringing forward policies that would help ‘bring us closer together as a nation’.

They Work For You: Part of Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill

Baroness Warsi Speech on the Part of Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill

The Guardian: Lady Warsi launches bitter assault on coalition strategy towards Muslims

Lady Warsi: Muslims will speak up for British values only when they know they will be heard

Warsi says: “We will all fight extremism better if we all feel like we are all in the same team.”


Red Magazine, January 2015 Edition: Baroness Warsi On The Day She Walked Out On David Cameron

Baroness Warsi shares her incredible life story and looks back on the day that changed her life

‘For days I kept the letter in my handbag. And even on the morning I planned to resign I thought to myself, am I really going to do this?’

Huffington Post: Baroness Warsi Slams Media’s Portrayal Of Women In Politics

Baroness Warsi has called for people to “push back” against the sexist portrayal of female politicians in the media

In an interview with Red Magazine she said: “Men resign, women ‘flounce’. Men have an opinion, women are ‘bitchy’. Men are forceful, women are ‘awkward’.

“It’s time we started pushing back against that kind of language.”