The Sun myView: “I’m so proud our country is helping brave and beautiful Malala”

By Baroness Warsi

LYING in a British hospital is Malala Yousafzai, the young girl who the Pakistani Taliban shot last week because she dared to go to school.

As the Minister for Pakistan, and as a mum, I’m so proud our country is helping brave and beautiful Malala.

She is 14, the same age as my daughter — but their lives have been so different.

In Pakistan, Malala had to campaign for her right to an education. The Taliban shot her because they said educating girls was “obscene”.

But as I have said during speeches in the UK and in Pakistan, the Koran encourages women’s education.

What’s truly obscene is trying to kill a teenager for speaking this truth.

The Taliban have failed. Malala’s message of freedom and equality has now gone global.

But our duty isn’t just to help this little girl.

It is to carry on spreading her message so that she and her friends all have the freedoms my daughter has.

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