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Sayeeda Reiterates Her Call for Khat to be banned

In a House of Lords debate today, Baroness Warsi called on the government to ban the drug Khat. Khat is having a profound effect on certain communities in the UK. The drug can be bought in Britain with no restrictions at all and recent surveys have shown that up to 59% of young people in Sheffield chew Khat. Sayeeda has been campaigning to outlaw this drug and is adamant that this can be achieved. (June 24th 2008)

Muslim Writers’ Awards House of Lords Reception

Sayeeda met with the directors of Innovate Arts, a successful social enterprise established to promote and guide emerging writers and authors across the UK.

Commenting on the achievements of the winners Baroness Warsi said: ‘the award winning literature represented here today is truly inspiring. Many of the winners lead busy professional lives, including in medicine and law, and to achieve success in the demanding world of literature is a remarkable achievement. Programmes like this are important because a common appreciation of literature has the power to unite communities and break down traditional barriers’. (May 13th 2008)