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Photographs of day one visiting the Holy See

Copyright UK in Holy See

The Delegation of Ministers from the Government of the United Kingdom pictured in St Peter’s Square, marking the official start of a two day visit to the Holy See. The Most Rev Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Westminster, accompanied the Delegation.

Copyright UK in the Holy See

Baroness Warsi pictured during her speech, delivered to the Holy See on the subject of the place of religion in modern political discourse.

Copyright UK in the Holy See

Baroness Warsi’s address to students and diplomats of the Pontifical Ecclesiastical Academy was the first element of the UK Ministerial Delegation’s visit to the Holy See.

Copyright UK in Holy See

Sayeeda Warsi: We stand side by side with the Pope in fighting for faith

Published in The Telegraph, Tuesday 14th February 2012

Today I have the honour of leading the largest ministerial delegation from the United Kingdom to the Vatican – our reciprocal visit following the momentous State Visit of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in September 2010.

We will be celebrating the decision Margaret Thatcher took 30 years ago to restore full diplomatic relations between our countries. The relationship between the UK and the Holy See is our oldest diplomatic relationship, first established in 1479. And today, thanks to the great success of the Pope’s visit, it is one of the strongest too.

But this trip is about more than a Valentine’s Day “love in” with our Catholic neighbours. This is about recognising the deep and intrinsic role of faith here in Britain and overseas. For a number of years I have been saying that we need to have a better understanding of faith in our country. Why? Because I profoundly believe that faith has a vital and important role to play in modern society. But mistakenly, faith has been neglected, undermined – and yes, even attacked – by governments in recent years.

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