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Sayeeda Warsi: Forced marriage is inhumane, unacceptable – and not illegal in the UK

Forced marriage is inhumane, unacceptable – and not illegal in the UK

It is a disgrace that forced marriage is only a matter for civil law – I welcome Theresa May taking steps to change this

Published on Comment is Free, The Guardian, Wednesday 14th December 2011

By Sayeeda Warsi

A 15-year-old girl is midway through her GCSEs when she is taken out of school. Little do her classmates know, she has been packed off abroad to marry a man she has never met, a man to whom she has been “promised” since birth. They never see her again.

This sounds like the stuff of a bygone era, of faraway places, even fiction. But, in 2011, here in Britain, the forcing of women or girls into marriage is a sad reality for thousands of people.

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Revealed: Government’s ‘heartless’ treatment of forced marriage victims

Traumatised British citizens told to take out loans to pay for flights home.
By Jerome Taylor

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David Cameron and Sayeeda Warsi Tackle the Issue of Forced Marriages

In a speech in Bradford, the Conservatives unveiled measures to tackle forced marriages. The proposals include raising the age limit to 21 for both spouse and sponsor for marriages from abroad, making spouses register before going abroad to marry and producing awareness packs for schools to deal with the problem. (Feb 21st 2008)