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BN Magazine interview: Baroness Warsi Talking Global Politics

Published in BN Magazine, February 2011

Interview by Ozan Adan

Baroness Warsi has successfully become the first ever female Muslim member of the cabinet. Her role in the cabinet and as Co-Chairman of the Conservative party is significant, not just as an advocate for women but also, for the Muslim community.

Baroness Warsi balances her many roles as a mother, wife, party Co-Chair whilst maintaining her influencial position within British politics. Her position and her roots gives her a unique advantage in understanding the current multi-ethnic spectrum of Britain today. The Baroness holds a vast amount of responsiblity on the socio-political front, and has risen to the challenge admirably by facing extremists on both sides of the multi-culturalism issues. Her defence of a tolerant society embracing differences in race, religion and culture has caused some stir within her own Muslim community as well as others who oppose and even confront her.

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