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Challenging Islamophobia? An event at conference tells me the Tories don’t care

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BBC Radio 4 – Muslim Pride

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Witness History: Britain’s first Muslim woman in government

“Be challenging, be authentic, be brave” – Baroness Warsi

Lady Warsi’s interview with BBC World Service Witness History on being the first Muslim in Cabinet – Listen here

Evening Standard: British Muslims deserve better than a Tory party that’s deeply Islamophobic

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BBC Radio 4: How to Be a Muslim Woman

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The Telegraph: Why Baroness Warsi is a role model for integration

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BBC News: Baroness Warsi urges inquiry into Tory Islamophobia claims

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The Guardian: Social housing is not just a safety net for the few

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BBC Radio 4 – Start of the Week

Listen to Baroness Warsi, Sir Paul Collier and Roger Scruton discuss belonging and identity

A Tale of Muslim Britain: Guardian Family

Where are my Grandkids going to call home?

Read Baroness Warsi’s interview with Homa Khaleeli