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Report of the Commissioner for Standards in the House of Lords

Commenting on the decision of the Commissioner for Standards in the House of Lords to dismiss allegations that Baroness Warsi wrongly claimed overnight subsistence allowance, and to recommend that her apology for failure to register a property in London, along with her corrected entry in the Register, constituted appropriate remedial action and that no further action is required, Sayeeda Warsi said:

“I believe that being a member of the House of Lords is a privilege and I take that privilege seriously. I have always maintained that the allegations surrounding my expenses were untrue and I am delighted that Paul Kernaghan has dismissed them. His report and the report by Sir Alex Allan – two independent inquiries – have now drawn a line under these matters and my only focus now will be to get on with my job”.

David Cameron said: “I am pleased that these allegations have been dismissed by the Lords Commissioner. With elections for Police and Crime Commissioners in the autumn, this will be a big summer of campaigning for the Conservative Party. As Co-Chairman, Sayeeda will be leading that campaign”.

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