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Chairman visits Richmond and Hayes

Meeting Brunel University students in Hayes

A warm welcome awaited Sayeeda in Richmond as she continued her Chairman’s tour on Thursday.

Activists in Richmond gathered to greet her at her first stop – a Q&A for members with Zac Goldsmith MP. Sayeeda addressed concerns from local issues to Syria.

After a morning of canvassing, Sayeeda continued to Twickenham to meet local press.

In an interview with the Surrey Comet she lent her support to Boris Johnson before this summer’s elections for London Mayor and urged Lib Dem voters opposed to Ken Livingstone to vote Tory in May.

“It’s not my job to go easy on the Lib Dems. It’s my job to go out and fight every seat,” she said.

Later she was welcomed by activists in Hayes, including a group of Brunel students who asked questions on cabinet relations.

Campaigning with Zac Goldsmith MP


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