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Sayeeda Warsi: The Sun, The BNP’s vile racism is plain for all to see

Published in The Sun, August 2010

The Sun’s investigation into BNP chief Chris Hurst has confirmed what readers already knew about his party. The BNP’s vile racism is plain for all to see.

These shameless fascists have only one objective: to create chaos in our country and destroy harmonious communities.

Chillingly, the Sun reports that Hurst thinks it’s good to fight back and kill non-white people. But the way Norway has responded to this senseless massacre shows why parties like the BNP will fail. Fascism will never take root in our countries – so long as people have the bravery and courage to speak out and stand up for the principles they believe in.

The cowardly attack on Norway’s children shows that extremism can take many forms and its victims can be from any race or age group.  The evil of this extremism can manifest anywhere – and we must be on our guard to stop it in Britain.

We must not allow extremists like Hurst – the head of the BNP’s youth wing – to poison the minds of our young people. We must not rise to the brutal attacks of these fascists.

Instead, we must follow Norway’s example and reassert the values of our nation –equality, community, patriotism and understanding. That’s how we can stamp out this ugly extremism for good.

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